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Welcome New & Returning Players to the  Merrimack Tomahawks Football Program!

We would like to welcome you and your son to the Merrimack High School Football Program. Our objectives are to teach the young men the qualities of teamwork, commitment, selflessness, the pursuit of excellence and leadership. We believe that interscholastic sports, and football in particular, is the greatest teacher of one of life’s hardest, yet important lessons: overcoming adversity. 

In the high school arena of competitive sports, we have a situation that challenges our students to pursue excellence and meet high expectations. This is a powerful learning environment for our students, and yet it creates inherent challenges for them, their coaches, and their families as well. 

It is not easy participating in the sport of football, it is challenging and sometimes difficult. We ask all of our players and parents to remember that football is a slice of life. This means that football, like life, will have portions of hard work to go along with fun. It will have portions of adversity to go along with success. As your child faces these challenges, we urge you to assist him in working through their adversity in productive ways. 

Participation in Merrimack Football can be a fulfilling and positive life experience if everyone involved has a better understanding of the framework and rules of our program. In order to help ensure that the experience you and your son has is a positive one, this handbook has been designed with you in mind. 

We hope that you will find this information both informative and beneficial. If there are any questions, please contact me. You can also download this information from the block on the right side of this page for offline reading. 

Go Tomahawks! 

Kip Jackson 

Head Football Coach 



Down... Set... Hike! 

Welcome to Tomahawk's Nation! Our QB Club and Coaching staff is excited to have your student be part of our family! In order to make this process a smooth one, we have created this guide to getting the required forms and help you learn more about the MHS Football Program. We ask that you take a couple of minutes to read through and fill out the required forms so we can properly enroll your student. If you should have any questions about the program you can email us at merrimackqbclub@gmail.com. If you would prefer to download the forms, fill them out and drop them off. Please click the links on the block on the right and contact the Head Coach Kip Jackson at kip.jackson@gmail.com. 

Parents, this process will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is designed to save you time in printing, signing and delivering the forms in person. We recommend that you sit down with your payer and read through each step, as it will help clarify any questions you have about the MHS Football Program.